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About Langbo

Shenzhen Langbo Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology company providing kinds of services for float glass manufacturing industry, such as international advanced level of float production line cold modification, process technology and production improvement consulting services, float line baking and commissioning on-site services, as well as providing related production process equipment.

Technical features and scope of business

1. Technical support service for the production of advanced float glass such as front windshield, mirror and electron.

2 .Production technology support service of ultra - white float glass.

3. F green, dark green, European grey and other color glass production process technology support.

4. Technological transformation of cold repair in floatation, melting, molding, annealing and other processes.

5. Float line kiln and production technical support service.

6. Heat repair services such as tiling for the wall of melting furnace, crown crown replacement, and dredging of regenerator

7. Provide complete sets of bubbler, mixer, tin tank automatic edge baffle process equipment, production operation and technical support.

8. Full oxygen combustion furnace technical support.

In line with the management policy of providing high-quality technical support and service for customers, our company strives to improve customers' energy consumption, quality and output, and improve the market competitiveness of customers' participation in high-end float glass.